Anorectal Department2 of Shijiazhuang TCM hospital was founded in the 1960's by the well-known Chinese medicine surgeon. Under the leadership of professor Wang Shuqi, Vice chairman of Chinese Medical Association anorectal professional Committee in Hebei province and Integrative Medicine Association anorectal Professional Committee in Hebei province, formed a strong comprehensive quality, high professional level, spirit writing academic echelon.Currently the anorectal Department2 is Shijiazhuang City key specialties, Hebei provincial key specialties, Vice leader of traditional Chinese medicine key specialty collaborative group of Hebei province, leader unit of traditional Chinese medicine key specialty collaborative group of Shijiazhuang city, State administration of traditional Chinese medicine "the 12th Five-Year Plan" key specialty. The "External therapy of hemorrhoids research" was listed as key laboratory of state administration of TCM.

The anorectal department of Shijiazhuang TCM hospital is currently key construction specialty of State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine. Department strong technical force, advanced equipment, talent echelon structure. Now, the price of office equipments is total more than 2.327 million, of which the Chinese medical equipments worth 1.173 million yuan. A total of more than 20 medical staffs in departments, including eight doctors, two senior professors, four master's degree or above. Doctors has accumulated rich experience on the treatment of anorectal disease, mixed hemorrhoids, anal fistula complex, intractable constipation, inflammatory bowel disease and colorectal cancer by utilizing integrative clinical methods. In addition, surgical treatment on aspects of severe mixed hemorrhoids, anal fistula complexity, outlet obstruction constipation and low, ultra-low colorectal cancer anal retention is at the domestic advanced level.

The anorectal department focus on the overall development, integrate clinical and research, under the premise of play Chinese characteristics, combining with modern medical knowledge and innovation, creating a new set of theories, put forward the theory of "Ecchymosis cause hemorrhoids" theory, and based on this theory, adopt "blood stasis and detoxification" method for treatment of mixed hemorrhoids, with the method of combining surgery and drugs, clinical effect is remarkable.

After decades of development, according to a profound theoretical experience accumulation, department developed golden hemorrhoids pills, anti-inflammatory analgesic suppository, wasps hemorrhoid cream, Yinqiao three yellow cream, Zigui detoxification cream, Nuoer kang lotion and a series of internal and external drugs on the treatment of anorectal disease, clinical effect is significant.
Departments advantages:
(1) Intractable constipation (Women constipation, senile constipation) medical treatment and surgery.
(2) (severe) ring mixed hemorrhoids minimally invasive surgery (PPH, TST).
(3) Inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative proctitis, Crohn's disease) integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine treatment
(4) Surgical treatment of constipation and defecate difficulty, including: rectocele, puborectalis hypertrophy, colon slow transit constipation, rectal prolapse, straight sacral separation, pelvic cramps, pelvic floor muscle relaxation syndrome,etc.
(5) The establishment of a new concept of surgical treatment of anal common diseases - patients to ensure smooth bowel movements, prevent anal stenosis, anal incontinence occurs.
(6) Carrying out all kinds of low colorectal cancer anus reserved surgery research.
(7) Carrying out severe rectal prolapse abdominal suspension surgery.

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