Department of Otolaryngology of Shijiazhuang TCM Hospital was established at initial stage of hospital formed. There are two combine Chinese and western medicine physicians. The pure tone qudiometer,microwave therapeutic apparatus, therapeutic for tintus,endoscope for paranasal sinuses have been equipped well .
The following clinical works:
1.The diagnosis and treatment of common disease and frequently- occurring disease in Otolaryngology department:chronic rhinitis, allergic rhinitis, atrophic rhinitis, hypertrophic rhinitis, sinusitis, acute or chronic pharyngitis, acute or chronic laryngitis, vocal nodules, eczema of outer ear , acute or chronic suppurative otitis media, tinnitus, deafness,et al.
2. Operations:maxillary sinus puncture flush, tonsil surgery,nasal polyp surgery,pharyngeal microwave therapy,et al.
3.Characteristics of diagnosis and treatment of Combine traditional Chinese and western medicine: allergic rhinitis, chronic pharyngitis, chronic laryngitis, chronic suppurative otitis media, tinnitus.
We have unique experience on treating these diseases with self -developed drugs and characteristic treatment ,the effect is excellent..
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