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Experts name: wu ziqin
Title: chief physician in department: dermatologist

   Expert specialty: eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis, dermatitis, viral skin diseases, warts, acne dermatitis. 
   Expert introduction: since the frequently, wu was born of a family of traditional Chinese medicine, in 1970 graduated from Beijing university of Chinese medicine;In 1986, the gate of China academy of traditional Chinese medicine hospital dermatology studies in Beijing to follow famous dermatologist Zhu Renkang professors and combine traditional Chinese and western medicine skin disease expert professor ZhuangGuoKang learning;Air force hospital dermatological department in Beijing in 1992 following the famous dermatologist professor Cai Ruikang studying western medicine.1990-1999 in shijiazhuang hospital dermatological department director.1990 since frequently director wu will dermatologist in the surgery of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) from the independence, thus opens the dermatological department of hospital development growth path.She work in the dermatology 38 years, held the position of the director of shijiazhuang hospital dermatologist, shijiazhuang city, the eighth National People's Congress representative, hebei TCM magazine editors, executive director of the institute of Chinese medicine in hebei province, shijiazhuang city of traditional Chinese medicine.Cutting-edge scientific research and successful cases: for more than 40 years, in the clinical departments of hundred kinds of diseases including dermatological department common disease, frequently-occurring disease and various kinds of difficult diseases.Pay attention to the combination of disease and syndrome differentiation in treatment, is good at using the basic theory of TCM to guide the diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases, on the basis of predecessors' experience for the treatment of its own unique experience and methods.Developed a cold blood itching pills, capsules of vitiligo, particle, yellow compound soap lotion compound purslane, Bai Ling silver particles and so on the many kinds of hospital preparations, has obtained the good curative effect in clinical use.Write academic papers published 21, editor in chief has yong-xiang wu surgical basis, since the skin healing and autotrophic, participated in the "internal medicine clinical guidelines", "small prescriptions dictionary" and so on.The clinical study on treatment of verruca plana compound purslane particles have obtained the progress prize in science and technology of hebei province health department of traditional Chinese medicine.Diagnosis and treatment scope: eczema, vitiligo, psoriasis, dermatitis, flat lichen, pigment purpura, alopecia areata, viral skin diseases, warts, flat wart, severe skin disease, plantar wart, folliculitis, acne-prone skin.

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