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                       Insisting development, with an unyielding brilliance
                                  -- -- -- -- -- shijiazhuang hospital in progress
   Shijiazhuang city hospital of traditional Chinese medicine was founded in October 1956, after more than 50 years of development and construction, built by the school of the early developed into a clinic medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention, health care as one of the "third rate" of traditional Chinese medicine hospital, affiliated hospital of hebei medical university, hebei province demonstration hospital, is the focal of shijiazhuang in TCM group.At the same time, also has two municipal combine traditional Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment center (shijiazhuang city combine traditional Chinese and western medicine center, shijiazhuang combine traditional Chinese and western medicine tumor prevention and treatment of anorectal disease diagnosis and treatment center), is the national informatization construction demonstration units, national cultural construction of traditional Chinese medicine pilot unit.
   As the shijiazhuang city opened the first hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, we around the "equal emphasis on Chinese and western medicine, highlight the characteristics of TCM, discipline superiority, enhance comprehensive strength" development strategy, by relying on the solid culture of traditional Chinese medicine, the mature technology and outstanding talents of Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, with profound academic accumulation and human resources.Form the hospital of specialized subject, ZhuanBing, disease have designed medicine MingYuan, doctors, agents specialized development advantage.
   At present, our hospital has 10 national and provincial and municipal key specialty.Acupuncture, skin of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a national key construction of specialized subject, gastrointestinal disease, anus bowel division, cardiology, vascular disease, kidney disease is a key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine, hebei province, three municipal key specialty, has the strong radiation and competitiveness, treatment and health care effect is favored by people, in the city and the province enjoys a high visibility and reputation.In the aspect of construction talents in our existing on-the-job worker 1000 more than person, among them, 52 people are senior professional titles, high title personnel 92 people, the master graduate student 80 people.Both of them on friends, xing gloria such national name old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and the national "May 1" labor medalist zhen-xing zhao and provincial, municipal well-known experts more than 30 people.At the same time, also hired Beijing and other places more than 30 experts with "China brand" as a visiting professor, consultation and DaiTu etc, and carried out in collaboration with Beijing 301 hospital remote consultation.
   Traditional Chinese medicine as a important component of excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, in our country has experienced thousands of years of inheritance and development, has a broad mass base, especially in the treatment of some chronic diseases and incurable diseases has a unique advantage.Our hospital is the only one "third rate" of traditional Chinese medicine hospital in the city, in the technical aspects of the overall strength of Chinese medicine has remained in the forefront of the province similar hospital.Now, we not only runs around the cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, anorectal, blood vessels, brain surgery, general surgery, neurosurgery, renal medicine, gynecology, dermatology and other 18 units and more than 30 ZhuanBing.At the same time, we also offer a physical identification, cure not ill, paste, etc with rich characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine outpatient service, meets the requirements of different classes, different levels of patients.In TCM, the construction of the mode is more than 1500 square meters, with static level 100000 production workshop, the research production of bolus, powder, granule, capsule, wash, bolt, paste and other dosage forms.In the succession of traditional medicine, herbal essence "development philosophy, under the impetus of the existing 59 recipe into preparation, widely used in hospitals in all subjects, clinical curative effect.Which run down the diaphragmatic pill was named provincial key agents, leech t2dm capsule, antelope zebina XiFeng pill, spleen pellets, anti-inflammatory analgesic suppository preparation variety was rated as "shijiazhuang agents".In the role of inheriting the positive innovation of scientific research personnel, and in particular are carried out in recent years, drug pillow, such as "skincare" series of products, make traditional Chinese medicine in the health care advantages, welcomed by the masses of the people, meet the health needs.
   With the development of medical technology, we adhering to the "carry forward the motherland medicine, adopt the modern science and technology" development train of thought, while maintaining the characteristics and advantages of traditional Chinese medicine, actively introduce all kinds of advanced medical equipment and medical technology.Now has spiral computed tomography (CT), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), the computer radiation imaging system (DR), digital blood vessels ZaoYingJi, argon-helium knife, cardiac color doppler, clinical central monitoring center, automatic biochemical analyzer, five classification blood analyzer, the blood dialysis machine, holter monitor, dynamic blood pressure monitor, transcranial doppler (TCD), electronic gastroscope, electronic colonoscopy, nuclide hyperplasia of prostate therapeutic apparatus, 12 ecg machine, electromagnetic waves in vitro crusher and other modern medical equipment.Also equipped with best level, level of laminar flow operating room, have to carry out the chest, abdomen, brain and vascular system, nervous system, digestive system, urinary system operation ability.Advanced examination and treatment equipment, effectively extend and improve the level of the whole hospital diagnosis and treatment technology and make a diagnosis and give treatment, and in the process of clinical practice has formed a unique combination of Chinese and western medicine diagnosis and treatment of proprietary treatment technology, by the vast number of patients.
   Fifty years, our hospital care in the municipal party committee, municipal government and relevant departments of the support, in the previous school leadership and the joint efforts of all staff, the hospital in the level of diagnosis and treatment of infrastructure, discipline construction, has achieved great development, service ability, etc.Especially the comprehensive the devotion usage of the hospital outpatient service building and new medical building is completed, make the hospital more reasonable layout, function more perfect, more partition, process more standardized.In to create a safe, convenient and comfortable for patients, warm environment at the same time, the overall image and status in society has been a sharp rise.
   Inheriting the national physician is our responsibility, it is our duty to save the livelihood, carry forward the quintessence is our pursuit, the safeguard health is our goal.Boatrace sails, the storage for a long time, both of the hair will quickly.In the person of the medical market, shijiazhuang hospital will continue to adhere to the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine, the concept of open, inclusive, innovation, dedication, in our province during the period of "twelfth five-year" "about the decision of the revitalization of the cause of Chinese medicine" as an opportunity, to create a national excellent TCM clinical research base as the goal, vigorously strengthen the connotation construction, for the development of the cause of Chinese medicine, in order to further benefit the people, and make unremitting efforts to serve the people.

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